Thursday, March 12, 2015

Minetec r1 9c , r2 12.5c

Prospect of MINETECH 9sen.
(Will minetec strikes diamond & gold?)

to expand the range of asphalt products to other regions in Malaysia and overseas countries.

committed to its efforts to actively
participate in the tendering of projects under
the Government's Economic Transformation Programme ("ETP").

The Group has already completed the Cochrane Station in the Klang Valley Mass
Rapid Transit Project ("MRT Project") and is currently engaged in Maluri Station. The
Group aims to continue its participation in the MRTProject for Line 2 and 3 as it has built a good reputation following the completion of
its works within budget and time constraints.

to search for new quarry sites, which the Group aims to obtain exclusive rights to extract and sell quarryproducts.

The Pantai Quarry 2 located in Mukim Pengkalan Baharu, Daerah Manjung, Perak, operations is expected to commence after a delay by April 2015.

The Group had on 19 November 2014 entered intoa Memorandum ofUnderstanding with P.T. Gold Port Mineral ("PT Gold port) to explore the possibility of collaborating with each other to commence mining works at the offshore diamond and gold mining concession located in Indonesian territory with an aggregate land coverage are of 136.700 hectares with license from the Governorof Indonesia and Badan Koordinasi Penanaman Modal (Foreign Investment Body of Indonesia) ("Concession"). Negotiations are still ongoing.



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